Online tools provide flexible, fast and efficient ways to obtain critical information. But like all market research, they need to be leveraged carefully and consistently. "Do it yourself" tools abound, but they won't necessarily provide the insights you are looking for. Your sample may not be right – and you may not get the depth of response that will help you make sound decisions. Additionally, you may run the risk of users abandoning your survey in midstream because the prompts are improperly built.

Beta's professionals are savvy Web researchers who can suggest how to get the most from online research methodologies. We'll take personal responsibility for your project and see it through every step of the way – from construction of the study to presentation of actionable conclusions. We painstakingly build your survey around your particular needs. We understand how to entice users to complete the survey, including incentives, personalized follow up questions and convenient access. When you need to stay on the cutting edge, our social media research tools can help you monitor conversations across platforms and engage influencers on the spot for deep insights into emerging trends.

Imagine harnessing the power of the Internet to have 1:1 conversations with consumers as they actually use your products and services. Beta's new approach to ethnographic research is fast, cost-effective and highly informative.

We can even conduct surveys that provide a snapshot for your organization before, during and after a major event, such as a new product launch. Your data is secure, and you can choose to access it at any point during the process.

Beta was a pioneer in online research and is still a forward-thinking leader in the field. We use the latest industry standard tools to construct, conduct and analyze our online studies.

Consumer Case Studies: