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June 18, 2014

Beta Research Corporation Announces the Introduction of a New Product: PREDICT℠ (Panel Research Engagement Data Insight Community Tool) for Insight Communities

PREDICT℠ provides a cost-effective research platform for two way online dialogue with your customer base.

Syosset, New York, June 18, 2014 - Beta Research Corporation, a certified woman-owned, full-service provider of custom market research, announced today that they have added a new two-level insight community product, PREDICT℠, to their existing arsenal of panel market research tools. Today's customers are more insistent than ever on receiving value in exchange for their hard-earned research dollars. This puts incredible pressure on product and service providers to deliver. To make the situation even more challenging, every customer perceives value differently. You need to identify upward and downward trends, capture your customers' thinking and coax them to reveal unspoken needs and desires. That means you have to ask better questions, listen more intently to the answers and be prepared to learn what your audience thinks and feels.

PREDICT℠ does that and more. By providing the ability to right-size your entry into panel research, PREDICT℠ allows the client to create one or more insight communities using online research panels of respondents, which can be both internal as well as external. These insight communities offer tremendous flexibility and can be global or local, targeted or broad, short term or long term, depending upon client need.

Beta Research Corporation is introducing this panel insight community capability in two levels:

  1. PREDICT℠: Beta Research Corporation will now offer the industry leading insight community technology enabling businesses and organizations to engage directly with hundreds to tens of thousands of customers on an ongoing basis to gain feedback and insights. Through insight communities, clients are able to gather, analyze and translate customer feedback into quick and meaningful business decisions. Continuing to evolve with the industry, Beta Research Corporation now offers clients the benefits of comprehensive customer insight communities. This version of PREDICT℠ is most effective for organizations that serve large or geographically diverse audiences, have established customer research programs and are already aware of potential returns from strategically invested research dollars.

  2. PREDICT℠ ESSENTIALS leverages Beta's proprietary portal approach. Like PREDICT℠, it offers robust features for survey authoring, community management, discussion forums and reporting. It provides easy customization, near real-time results and one-click export to Excel and SPSS. PREDICT℠ ESSENTIALS is attractively priced, with lower initial and ongoing financial commitments than PREDICT℠. PREDICT℠ ESSENTIALS is especially effective for organizations that are just initiating structured customer dialogue, have limited audiences or are working within tight financial constraints.

"Beta Research Corporation is known for proven approaches and fresh perspectives in research and we're pleased to now be able to offer a full range of insight communities to our clients by offering PREDICT℠ utilizing the industry leading technology for our higher-end clients and providing PREDICT℠ ESSENTIALS for our clients who are interested in getting into panel research but have limited research budgets." said Amy Gorelkin, Chief Executive Officer of Beta Research Corporation. Further, Ms. Gorelkin stated, "By offering PREDICT℠ in two levels, we can partner with the industry's leader in software for insight communities and create a compelling offering for clients utilizing the best-of-breed platform with our own offering of robust proprietary consumer and business-to-business panels."

For further information about PREDICT℠ or PREDICT℠ ESSENTIALS or any questions regarding this press release, please contact June McPherson, EVP, Strategic Planning and Business Development at or 804-484-4548.

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