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April 2, 2014

Beta Research Corporation Announces the Introduction of a New Product: TARGET (Trigger Area Response Geofence Engagement Tool) to its Mobile Survey Research Platform

TARGET, Utilizing Geofencing, Can Trigger a Mobile Survey to Opt-In Consumers at the Point of Purchase

Syosset, New York, April 2, 2014 - Beta Research Corporation, a certified woman-owned, full-service provider of custom market research, announced today that they have added a new product, TARGET, to their arsenal of market research tools. TARGET provides geofencing capability to Beta Research Corporation's already robust mobile survey research platform. Geofencing technology provides the ability to create a virtual "fence" around a specific geographic location. The location-enabled technology can detect consumers, who have opted-in for research, when they enter, dwell for a specified amount of time or exit these virtual "fenced" areas. Geofences can be set around literally any location, such as a specific retail store, an outdoor billboard advertisement, a specific geographic location, such as an airport or theme park, or any location with a known latitude/longitude.

One of the most relevant applications of TARGET is in the in-store path to purchase, as you can intercept shoppers in their natural shopping environment, replacing more expensive shop-alongs or shopper intercept studies. TARGET provides access to these shoppers through a large mobile research survey panel – individuals who have opted in to participate in research on their smartphones or other mobile devices. Shoppers can be triggered to take a survey at any point during their retail visit. In addition to a mobile survey, the shopper can be asked to do a "mobile task," such as finding a product, snapping a photo, scanning a product barcode or recording a video of their shopping experience while verbally identifying what criteria influenced the actual purchase selection and sales conversion. These tasks use geofencing technology to verify the shopper's actual location and then the research results (survey, barcode scan, photo, or video) can be uploaded directly to the TARGET application where the data can be made available for real-time analysis. TARGET also provides the capability to conduct in-home use tests by triggering periodic mobile surveys and requests for video/photos for a cost effective approach to video ethnography.

"We are truly excited about TARGET as it expands the offerings we bring to our client base. Beta Research Corporation brings a proven track record of innovative research, superior customer service and cost-effective results that have benefited consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, media, advertising, publication and cable industry clients," said Amy Gorelkin, Chief Executive Officer of Beta Research Corporation. Further, Ms. Gorelkin stated, "TARGET is an ideal fit for providing Beta's expanding client base with an opportunity to utilize our research methodology in a new and innovative way that will elevate their research insight and pinpoint strategic growth opportunities."

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