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May 15, 2007


Price, Product Samples, and Recommendations from Friends/Relatives are the Most Important Factors When Purchasing a New Beauty/Skincare Product, According to Beta Research's Latest C-MAR™ Study

Syosset, NY -- May 15, 2007: Recognizing the ever-changing nature of business markets, as well as the evolving attitude of consumers towards the products and services available to them, Beta Research Corp. developed the Category Market Series Report (C-Mar) in 2006. C-Mar is a quarterly syndicated report, designed to help businesses in various industries gain insight into today and tomorrow's changing business market.

The objectives of the C-Mar report are as follows:

  • To examine consumer's attitudes and perceptions towards products currently available to them
  • To examine consumer attitudes and perceptions towards products that are available now and will become available to them in the future
  • To determine factors involved in the purchase decision-making process
  • To explore the effectiveness of advertising/advertising channels
  • To examine the impact of social, economic and political factors on the purchasing process

This report is the second in the series and focuses on the Beauty industry.

To meet research objectives, an Internet methodology was implemented. E-mail addresses were provided by, a well-known provider of e-mail samples. The e-mail sample was designed to reach a nationally representative sample of respondents.

To qualify for the survey, respondents had to be women over the age of 18 residing in the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

How much influence does each of the following factors have on your decision to purchase a new type of makeup or skincare product?

Price (88%), product samples (87%), and recommendations from friends and relatives (83%) are the most important factors in the decision-making process for women when purchasing a new type of beauty or skincare product.

Base: Total Respondents (n=1079)

Which of the following types of beauty products have you used in the past 12 months?

When asked about newer types of beauty products, women are most likely to say they have used beauty products containing SPF properties, including skincare products and makeup products with sunscreen (56% and 49%, respectively), and products with natural ingredients, including skincare and makeup products (44% and 28% respectively).

Base: Total Respondents (n=1079)

On average, how much do you spend on skincare products on a monthly basis?

Minority women are a key consumer group for skincare products. Asian and Hispanic women spend the most on skincare products on a monthly basis ($39.90 and $37.80 respectively); Caucasian and mixed race women spend the least ($28.80 and $28.40 respectively).

Base: Has used skincare products in past 12 months (n=924)

= Significantly higher than Caucasians when tested for significance at 95% confidence level

How would you prefer that beauty companies deliver information about their new products or services to you?

Regular mail containing information and coupons and handouts and coupons available at the counters of department stores, pharmacies, etc. are the distribution channels women most prefer for receiving information on new beauty products or services (67% and 51% respectively).

Base: Total Respondents (n=1079)

Priced at $2,300 per study, C-Mar is a highly efficient way for companies to stay current with markets in transition. Beta Research has been fielding custom and syndicated studies since 1970, and is a full service market research firm. Its methodologies span both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Clients include pharmaceutical companies, consumer goods manufacturers, healthcare organizations, media companies, direct marketers and ad agencies.

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