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November 30, 2006

Erdos & Morgan and Beta Research Announce Their Biennial Study of Business & Leisure Travel Markets

The study focuses on the findings as to who the business and leisure travelers are; where and why they are going on domestic or international trips; and what current travel patterns and trends hold for the future of American travelers. Additionally, the study contains information on readership of more than 90 magazines, nearly a dozen daily and Sunday newspapers and viewership of more than 40 cable television channels. It also addresses the factors that influence choice in decisions for travel arrangements regarding transportation, lodging and car rentals.

The sample for this survey is comprised of a nationally representative sample of adults, 18 years or older, living within the 48 contiguous United States (including Washington, D.C.). To qualify for inclusion, the adult must live in a household with an income of $50,000 or more and have traveled for vacation/leisure/personal and/or business reasons in the past three years.

The study was fielded during the week of April 17th, 2006 to 15,000 qualified households randomly drawn on a state-by-state basis to replicate the adult population living in households with incomes of $50,000 or more. Six key variables are held constant when drawing the sample; namely, sex, geographic division, age of head of household, household size, household income, market size.

A partial summary of the key findings are as follows:

Reasons traveled for business in the past 12 months
Reasons traveled %
Conventions 39%
Training 31.1%
Seminars 26.6%
Corporate meetings 22.6%
Client meetings/Sales calls 19.9%
Trade shows 13.1%
Team building 9.8%
Internal sales meetings 4.8%
Incentive travel 1.0%
Other 16%

Qualities most important in selecting a hotel/motel for business trips
Qualities %
Location 55%
Price/Discounts 33.1%
Non-Smoking Rooms 32.9%
Security/Safety 29.5%
Good restaurants 19.4%
Internet access 15.4%
Late check-in/check-out 14%
Express checkout 13.5%
Reputation 13.1%
Business Services 12.1%

How your vacation/leisure/personal trips are usually booked
How Booked %
Internet 66%
Call Hotel Directly 36.5%
Call Airline Directly 17.7%
Use Travel Agent 13.2%
Other 6.7%

Most important factors when making leisure travel decisions
Factors %
Provide good service 88.9%
Has pleasant and efficient employees 86.1%
Safety/Security 83.7%
Price 78.1%
Has casual dress attire/surroundings 59.6%
Is easy to get to 58.6%
Is located within the U.S. 51.5%
Offers a broad range of activities 41.6%
Has first-rate dining 30.6%
Recommended by friends/family 28.5%

Sources used in travel planning
Ever Used Business Leisure
Surfing the Internet 56.3% 53.0%
Friends/Relatives 54.8% 55.6%
Internet travel sites 45.6% 42.2%
Travel guides/books 38.3% 36.7%
Brochures obtained directly from resorts 34.6% 34.8%
Travel agent 34.4% 32.4%
Articles in travel magazines 30.9% 28.3%
Auto club brochures/books 30.4% 30.6%
Articles in newspapers 29.1% 28.3%
Travel section in newspaper 28.8% 28.6%

Erdos & Morgan is a full-service market research company offering a broad range of services to corporate America, the media, and advertising agencies. Founded in 1947 by Paul L. Erdos and Arthur J. Morgan, our years of experience have provided us with unparalleled familiarity with the types of questions and analyses focused on business-to-business research.

Erdos & Morgan is readily identified as a leader in business-to-business research and has emerged as one of the premier international market and media research companies based in the United States.

Beta Research has been fielding custom and syndicated studies since 1970, and is a full service market research firm. Its methodologies span both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Clients include pharmaceutical companies, consumer goods manufacturers, healthcare organizations, media companies, direct marketers and ad agencies.

For more information on Erdos & Morgan and Beta Research's Travel 2006–2007 Study or their other services, please contact Nicholas Ferrari or Jason Gorelkin.

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