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June 3, 2005

Americans and Wine: A New, Powerful, Comprehensive Market Study

Announcing Beta Research's AMERICANS AND WINE – the newest, most in-depth, statistically projectible survey of American consumers' wine patterns. AMERICANS AND WINE is a powerful tool to gain fresh insights for marketing and media strategies.

This study reveals consumption behaviors in and out of the home, preferences for different types of wines from different regions, the role of the brand, levels of comfort when ordering and media influence across an extensive demographic range. This information offers broadened opportunities to discover current trends, how to leverage stronger markets and how to strengthen your message and products in weaker markets.

Most impressive is the wealth of actionable data available on the product itself – domestic and imported wine choices, pricing, preferences for specific wines, preferences for wine from specific regions, knowledge about how some stimuli or a combination of stimuli effectively impact sales – all this and much, much more

AMERICANS AND WINE will motivate new approaches in marketing, messages, packaging, and media strategies by revealing the factors that play major roles in increasing sales, expanding new markets and reinforcing current relationships. The data provides you with the information you need to re-evaluate current media choices, position new products, and develop a unique niche for your company in this competitive environment.

This exciting, cost-effective survey of more than 1500 Americans, 21+years of age who drink and buy wine, will expand your horizons, maximize your creativity and give you a greater understanding of your current and future target audiences. But the ultimate and definitive benefit is always measured by bottom line re$ult$

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