Mobile Devices

In a world driven by constant communication, it's sometimes essential to have instant access to your research participants. Contact through something they carry with them every day puts you on the cutting edge in both actuality and perception. Web services aimed at mobile users can get you immediate engagement, help you monitor awareness at specific locations or times and reach large sample sizes while receiving results in real time.

Beta technology gives you access to one of the largest opt-in mobile research panels in the world. Start conversations at the point of sale with geofencing, in which a virtual fenced-in area is created to facilitate conversations. Gain insights into the factors that influence a purchase decision or to offer an on-the-spot incentive. You can also invite more interactive dialogue, allowing customers to send you images of what they are seeing at the store, UPC scans from the product they ultimately bought or even photos and video of the product being used at home. You can even use mobile devices to get feedback from individual consumers in real-time as they use your products and services.

Beta's mobile device studies are especially effective for
  • New product and concept testing
  • Advertising and brand awareness
  • Public opinion polling or voting
  • Reactions to current events and news
  • Understanding product usage and attitudes
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Shopper insight studies
  • Competitive analysis
  • Voice of customer research