Putting Consumers In The Driver’s Seat

People interested in the latest models from a major auto manufacturer enjoy a richer, more satisfying interactive experience thanks in part to Beta Research. The auto manufacturer had developed an app for deployment wherever its vehicles were being shown. The app was intended to provide a full interactive experience and answer potential customers’ most pressing questions about the vehicles, while eliminating the need for costly and one-sided information boards. But did the app measure up to the company’s hopes?

The Beta Approach

The auto manufacturer retained Beta Research to conduct onsite interviews at an auto expo to gauge consumer reactions to the app. Beta deployed trained researchers to intercept and interview consumers after they used the app. Our findings uncovered a couple of usability issues with the device on which the app was deployed, as well as some difficulties users were having in finding information critical to an eventual purchase decision.


The Beta approach was both fast and cost-effective. The manufacturer received immediate data, and our recommendations were clear and actionable. The company and its developer made several adjustments based on our findings. The improved app is scheduled for a test drive in the new model year.

Industry: Consumer products/Automotive

Methodology: Onsite interviews