It’s The Thought That Counts

A consortium consisting of an established consulting firm and a respected business publication provided critical information to its audience after a significant worldwide event. The event threatened to undermine the confidence of the entire business community. Beta’s client recognized the need to provide a snapshot of business leaders’ actual concerns – both before and after the event. What issues were really posing threats to business, according to some of its acknowledged thought leaders??

The Beta Approach

Working with our client, Beta identified an elite set of international business leaders to interview. We also carefully formulated the script so we could elicit meaningful responses from our tremendously busy participants in just 30 minutes. Calls were scheduled at any time of the day or night, and on any day of the week to accommodate our participants’ schedules. Beta’s trained interviewers used sophisticated voice recognition technology to create transcripts with minimal turnaround time. We protected participants’ anonymity, and the interviewers practiced careful neutrality to ensure frank responses.


Our client received a large amount of reliable qualitative data within a fairly short timeframe. They were able to transform this information into a valuable report and presentation at an international conference. These helped shift the business conversation away from the emotional response to the recent event towards actual business problems.

Industry: Media/Consulting

Methodology: In-depth phone interviews