It’s A Wrap

An easily recognized and well-established food company wanted to introduce a new product line to U.S. consumers. Regardless of how recognized the parent company might be, having the right packaging is key to gaining consumer buy-in.  What motivates consumers to try something new – even when it comes from a name they know and trust, is essential to a successful product launch. 

The Beta Approach

Not surprisingly, the best way to determine how consumers felt about this new product was to simply ask them. Beta Research deployed experienced research teams in mall facilities around the country where our clients’ products were already known and popular. The researchers were equipped with samples of the new product, as well as various packaging designs under consideration. Participants in our test were surveyed about colors, fonts and package shapes as they related to the product. They were also asked to consider the impact of key words that might appear on labeling – such as organic, natural and USDA – and how these words might impact purchase intent.


Critical consumer insights from Beta Research helped the product launch smoothly and efficiently, allowing their client to implement changes in production and marketing before unnecessary dollars were spent. Today the product can be found on supermarket and specialty store shelves throughout the United States.

Industry: Consumer products/food

Methodology: In-store testing