Higher Education

As universities compete for quality and diversified students within the communities they serve – marketing has become a critical function to support these efforts. To succeed, marketing requires actionable data – data that is specific to the institution and the mission it serves.

The university ecosystem is complex. Every school has stakeholders: students, administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, community leaders, residents, political leaders, etc. Furthermore, there are influencers to advise prospective students and impact their decisions on where to apply. The university's success requires understanding the demands of these various constituencies, prioritizing needs, and managing expectations. This requires measurements that are reliable and projectable to these audiences – not simply listening to those who make the most noise.

Beta Research is here to help define, collect and analyze those measurements. We collaborate closely with university representatives to create research studies to meet the unique requirements of each school. Then we carefully source the potential respondent pool to ensure that we reach the right audience and obtain information that is representative of that audience. Survey results are tabulated and presented in an accessible form according to the agreed-upon schedule; so critical reporting deadlines are always met.

Beta Research studies in the higher education sector include:
  • Faculty and staff engagement studies – assessing level of commitment, involvement and support
  • Campus life studies – testing interest of offerings (in and out of the classroom)
  • Brand positioning studies
  • Advertising and marketing communications evaluations
  • Image and awareness studies – undergraduate, graduate and professional programs
  • Online education studies – measuring impact on brand and school culture