Getting the Flavor of It

One of the most recognized brands in the world is connecting with customers in surprising new ways and offering exciting, innovative opportunities for them to enjoy its products. With over $2B in revenue from 100 countries, Oreo is a global powerhouse. Although its chocolate sandwich cookies are most familiar, successfully marketing other flavors is key to Oreo's long-term growth strategy. Would loyal customers really bite?

The Beta Approach

For Phase I, Beta Research deployed our SMART℠ (Social Media Assessment Research Tool) to mine social media conversations. We found that loyal customers were indeed open to other flavors – but they didn't want to buy a whole package of something new. We then engaged a group of key social media influencers who had tweeted or blogged about the need for an assorted Oreo package to serve as an online focus group and help us understand snacking habits and potential trends. In Phase III, we developed an action plan based on our confirmed findings. Based on our custom research, consumers responded favorably to the idea of an Oreo Variety Pack – 88% would be "likely" (extremely/very likely) to purchase if sold at an acceptable price and included cookie flavors of interest; 66% would be "extremely likely."


Beta Research's study has given Oreo the information it needs to successfully create and market variety packs featuring a variety of its 30 different flavors. Findings will help Oreo determine the size, format and composition of the pack, as well as some interesting cross-marketing opportunities with another product and a strategic approach to in-store promotion.


Industry: Consumer products/food

Methodology: Social Media (SMART℠), Focus Group