Focus Groups

Focus groups are a time-tested way to gauge your market's reaction to concepts, products and brands. Beta offers you a comfortable, convenient facility, seasoned facilitators and decades of expertise in each step of the process, including study construction, panel selection and response analysis.

Our technologically-advanced space includes a built-in whiteboard, video recording and posting capabilities and the ability to electronically segment conversations. This allows for both onsite and online focus groups; you can conduct a virtual focus group throughout the world from one central location. We can also facilitate chat groups when you need fast respondent insights.

Consider using a Beta focus group when you need to:
  • Generate creative marketing ideas
  • Establish new product concepts
  • Generate new approaches for established markets
  • Dig deeper into previously-obtained quantitative data
  • Gain reaction to current products and product improvements
  • Uncover basic consumer needs and attitudes
  • Understand consumer vocabulary

Focus Group Case Studies:

For a proposal, cost estimate or to reserve our Focus Group and Usability Testing Facility, please call or email Gail Disimile or Sue Rose at 516-935-3800.