Doctors Recommend

A company that manufactures over the counter products for sensitive health-related issues has a deeper understanding of how to effectively work with health professionals and expand its market share. The company wanted to determine whether its messaging for an existing product provided the information health professionals needed when recommending it to their patients. How do you capture the attention of overworked professionals and gain their confidence?

The Beta Approach

Because the company was considering a direct mail strategy, Beta recommended a test that coupled direct mail promoting the product with follow up interviews. We selected a group of medical and nursing specialists who were most likely to encounter the condition the product was intended to treat. The test group received the direct mail piece and was interviewed within two weeks. A control group did not receive the direct mail piece but participated in a similar interview process.


Beta's client was able to verify that their strategy was effective. The test product was top of mind versus its competitors among those health professionals who had received the direct mail piece.


Industry: Healthcare/Pharmaceutical

Methodology: Hybrid study – mail/telephone