Consumer markets are notoriously fickle. What's hot this year could be completely passé next. A valuable brand name could take a serious beating in the public eye for reasons beyond your control. Competitors could come out of nowhere to woo away your customers. And, finally, a perceived disconnect between price and value could leave you fighting a losing battle.

Beta's consumer studies are intended to get you out in front of what your customers care about, what they think about you and what they are looking for next. We can help you complete the communication circle by asking the right questions, leveraging the answers and developing more effective marketing strategies and messages.

For companies in this space, our methodologies include:
  • Branding evaluation studies
  • Market and positioning studies
  • Product concept and perspective studies
  • Customer and subscriber satisfaction studies
  • Beta Qualitative Evaluations (focus groups and interviews to supplement quantitative research)
  • Advertising, marketing communications and packaging evaluations
  • Direct marketing studies
  • Attitude and usage studies
  • Product tracking studies
  • Taste tests
  • Product and placement studies
  • Segmentation studies
  • Mobile surveys

We also work with you to create combination and custom approaches to meet your particular needs.