These are both exciting and troubling times for the healthcare industry. On the one hand advances in science and treatment protocols are making it possible to both prolong and enhance life for virtually everyone. On the other hand, longer lives necessitate the creation of more robust care delivery organizations and the public’s patience with spiraling costs and perceived lack of genuinely personal attention is wearing thin.

Innovating new products and services – and cutting through the cynical noise to attract the attention of your desired audience – has seldom been more difficult. Additionally, healthcare organizations are in steep competition with each other to build relationships with qualified generalist and specialist providers. Before you spend the millions it will take to launch a new initiative, it simply makes sense to understand the landscape, including perceptions, needs, desires and opportunities.

Beta Research studies in the healthcare sector include:

  • Advertising and communications testing targeted for both healthcare providers and patients
  • Satisfaction studies to uncover strengths and weaknesses
  • Brand awareness and competitive analysis tracking studies to better position healthcare systems 
  • Healthcare sector new product or services concept testing 
How can you diagnose what your market really wants?

Our clients in the healthcare space include:

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