Government Services

At its best, government is about providing solutions to common problems. This includes administering a variety of services that people need and will use. Yet, even the most dedicated service provider can fall short of understanding what citizens expect or can utilize effectively. Grasping people’s perceptions of a particular service, as well as their satisfaction, can go a long way towards helping officials and agencies improve efficiencies, align expenditures with needs and build smarter infrastructure.

Whether a research project is being contemplated at the federal, state or local level, a number of challenges need to be addressed judiciously. Many internal stakeholders with differing priorities and perspectives are typically involved in any research project, so the first step is to understand the needs and then build a consensus around the objectives. Another essential step is to construct a methodology that will yield statistically accurate findings in a cost-effective manner. This can be complicated by the population’s cultural, linguistic and economic diversity, which may require customized versions and a variety of platforms of the survey instrument. Identifying and successfully recruiting a truly representative pool of respondents is yet another challenge. Those entrusted with administering the survey must understand the complexities of reaching different types of audiences, the nuances of presenting surveys in various language and strategies for developing trust, in order to obtain the required feedback.

Beta Research has an extraordinary track record of helping government agencies design and administer research projects that have broad reach, provide a depth of actionable information and fit within the financial constraints of the allotted budget.

Beta Research studies in the government services sector include:

  • User satisfaction studies – covering the full range of services a community provides, including amenities and planning
  • Law enforcement studies – assessing satisfaction, responsiveness and fairness
  • Parks and recreation studies – measuring utilization and uncovering needs for new or expanded programs or services
  • Community outreach studies – looking at relations, health and related issues
  • School satisfaction studies – measuring the attitudes of parents, staff and students
  • Employee engagement surveys – helping in the acquisition and retention of the best and brightest employees
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Our clients in the government services space include:

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