Multichannel Subscribers/Cord Cutters: Cable Network Interest Study

Online surveys will be conducted March/April among a national sample of 2,000 adults. The questionnaire will include the following:

  1. Interest in emerging networks.
  2. Interest in digital basic networks.
  3. Interest in specific video on demand networks.
  4. Interest in specific HD networks.
  5. Interest in specific basic networks among sub-sample of non-cable subscribers/ cord cutters.
  6. Awareness of emerging/digital basic networks.
  7. Whether receive cable TV from cable company, DBS company or phone company.
  8. Whether subscribe to digital cable.
  9. Interest in switching to a different cable provider in the next six months.
  10. Interest in subscribing to cable, internet and phone service from cable company.
  11. Number of hours use Internet at home per week.
  12. Number of hours use social media per week.
  13. Number of hours view streaming networks per week.
  14. Whether subscribe to HD service.
  15. Usage of video on demand past 60 days.
  16. Interest in video on demand and HD.
  17. Whether subscribe to DVR service.
  18. Whether viewed a TV program on smartphone/tablet in the past 60 days.
  19. Interest in viewing TV only online.
  20. Demographics – The study will measure marital status, presence of teens or children, age, education, household income.

Interest in digital basic /emerging networks are based on concept descriptions. The study measures over 40 digital basic/emerging networks, over 20 major network VOD networks and over 25 major network HD networks. Over 30 basic networks are measured among persons without cable TV or DBS (cord cutters).

Results will be reported separately for specific age/sex groups, digital cable subscribers, DBS subscribers, telco TV subscribers, heavy Internet users, heavy streaming network subscribers, heavy social media users, TV viewers on smartphones/tablets, VOD users, DVR subscribers, HDTV service subscribers,  Comcast subscribers, Charter Spectrum subscribers, non-subscribers to cable TV/cord cutters, potential cord cutters and others.

Cable competition/technology indices correlate interest in digital basic networks with interest in/usage of cable competitors/ technology.