Cable Subscribers: Brand Identity of Basic Cable/Broadcast Networks

An online survey will be conducted in January among a national sample of  3,500 cable subscribers. Question areas include the following:

Viewers of each network will be asked whether specific adjectives/phrases describe the network: “Very Much,” “Somewhat” or “Not At All.” Adjectives/phrases included are:

  • Entertaining
  • Informative
  • Pay more attention to a network’s commercials
  • One of my favorite channels
  • Bold/tries new things
  • Has many original programs/series
  • Distinctive
  • Valuable
  • A channel with programs that I like to comment or read about on social media
  • Family oriented
  • High quality
  • network that I especially like to watch during these times of the coronavirus
  • Has hosts and on-air personalities I like
  • A channel with programming that I like to watch online/smartphone/tablet
  • More likely to buy advertised products

The study measures over 50 basic/digital basic networks and the 4 major broadcast networks.