Ad Executives: Evaluation of Basic Cable/Broadcast Networks


  • A telephone survey will be conducted in August to November  with 150-180 ad executives.
  • Interviews will be with media buyers, planners, media directors, media supervisors, agency managers, and targeted client executives.
  • Sample source will consist of Beta Research’s internal database of advertisers and client submission of agency and advertiser’s contacts.
  • Respondents will be given a $50 premium for completing the interview.
  • All respondents are screened and selected based on their involvement in the decision to place advertising on cable TV networks.

Question Areas

The questionnaire will consist of:

  1. Whether respondent met with sales rep in person, online or by phone within past year.
  2. Overall rating of sales rep on 5-point scale on accessibility and competence.
  3. Whether advertised on network within past 12 months.
  4. Whether plan to increase amount of advertising on network in comparison to past 12 months.
  5. Whether received in person or virtual upfront presentation by network. If so, rating of upfront presentation on 5-point scale.
  6. Rating of sales organizations on a 5-point scale (5 = high, 1 = low) on the following:

    • Original research provided to ad executives
    • Knowledge and expertise of its online sales force
    • Providing creative/innovative multi-platform opportunities
    • Providing strategies to retain audience during commercial breaks
    • Helpfulness/flexibility in dealing with business impact of coronavirus
  1. Rating of each network on a 5-point scale (5 = high, 1 = low) on the following:
    • Having appealing audience demos
    • Use of social media
    • Providing creative marketing and promotion opportunities
    • Desirable programming environment
  1. Respondent title and location of office.
  2. For which products/services respondent is responsible.
  3. Primary demographic targets of respondent.
  4. Permission of respondent to release name of agency/company to networks on which they’re interested in increasing advertising.

The study measures over 40 basic cable networks, 12 network groups  and the 4 major broadcast networks. Results are reported separately among ad executives with specific target demos.

Sales Leads Beta would supply names of agencies/companies who said they would be likely to increase amount of advertising on your network(s). Only respondents who give Beta permission would be listed.