The business market is driven by the need to consistently deliver value while staying one-step ahead of the competition. Listening to what your customers have to say is one way to achieve this goal. Knowing how your customers feel about your products, services and prices, is an effective way to keep them satisfied – remember, satisfied customers are more likely to turn into repeat customers and share their positive experiences with others. 

Beta Research will help you design and execute studies that keep your fingers on the pulse of your customers and your employees. We can create ad hoc studies for specific needs – such as the introduction or reintroduction of a product, service or campaign – as well as ongoing studies to monitor the overall health of your brand.

For companies in this space, studies to consider:

  • Brand and image
  • Market position and competitive analysis
  • New product concept or product modifications
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Advertising and marketing communications
  • Employee engagement

We leverage all traditional methodologies and reporting techniques to ensure that we connect with your customers and employees to capture their perceptions effectively and in a way that empowers you to take action.

How do your customers define value?

Beta Research has worked with industry leaders in the B-to-B space, including:

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