One of the main challenges facing any market researcher is knowing when to use the appropriate methodology to meet their research objectives. It’s our job here at Beta Research to listen to our clients and to work closely with them to understand what’s at stake – and what they really want and need to get from their research projects. We take scheduling and budgets into consideration when making all methodology suggestions – we’ve been doing this long enough to know that some things are just not that easy to control. 

We take the time to fully explain all aspects of the research project – the pros and the cons, so that all expectations are meet once the project has been completed. Our capabilities are both time-tested and emerging, with a hands-on approach to complement our 50 years of market research experience. You’ll find us friendly, reliable, resourceful and – fun! 


  • Mail
  • Telephone (including multiple languages, translation services)
  • Web-based
  • Onsite Interviews (e.g., malls, conventions, events)



  • Traditional and Web-cam Focus Groups (On staff moderators)
  • In-depth Interviewing (IDIs) – Telephone and In-person
  • Website Usability Testing
  • Focus Group Facility (Long Island, NY)

Our complete range of services covers everything you need from study design to presentation of results. 

  • Project Management: Study design, sample selection, questionnaire development
  • Mail processing services: Typesetting, printing, mailing/sorting
  • In-house telephone staff 
  • Web-based survey platform, programming
  • Data entry, coding/editing
  • Data tabulations (including projections and weighting)
  • Database services: Appending, panel construction/maintenance
  • Higher analytics (e.g., Factor/Cluster Analysis, Regression and Perceptual Mapping)
  • Report writing (e.g., Detailed and Summary, Infographics), PowerPoint 
  • Presentation of findings 
  • Onsite Focus Group facility

Consumer Case Studies and Supporting Information:

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