A range of exciting new opportunity is opening with the full or partial legalization of cannabis in over half of U.S. states. To support growers and dispensaries, there is exponential growth potential for a range of other businesses, including:

  • CBD/hemp oil
  • Accessories
  • Marijuana Infused Products (MIPS)

As always with emerging markets, competition is going to be fierce and simply starting early will not guarantee success. To get off to the strongest possible start, you need information:

  • Who your potential customers are
  • How they are likely to make purchase decisions about your product/service
  • Why they are interested in your product/service
  • Where they get information related to the type of product/service you are planning to offer
  • What they already think about your product/service

Beta Research can help you obtain, analyze and use sophisticated market research for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Consumer/customer insights
  • Product planning
  • Inventory management
  • Promotion
  • Package design
  • Retail perception
  • Media consumption and planning

Our syndicated CURE℠ (Cannabis User Research Evaluation) Study provides a detailed overview of the emerging landscape for cannabis and we can supplement that with custom-tailored research to help you identify, connect with and serve your prospective customer base.