The business market is driven by the need to consistently deliver value – and have your customers perceive it. That means that you need to stay ahead of a whole range of technology trends, aspirations and changing business environment. You absolutely must ensure that your brand and its offerings – from top of the line to least significant – stands for what customers expect or risk becoming a mere commodity.

Beta Research will help you design and execute studies that keep your fingers on the pulse of your customers' and employees' changing perceptions and expectations. We can create ad hoc studies for specific needs – such as the introduction or reintroduction of a product, service or campaign – as well as ongoing studies to monitor the overall health of your employee's satisfaction.

For companies in this space, our methodologies include:
  • Branding evaluation studies
  • Market and positioning studies
  • Product concept and perspective studies
  • Customer and subscriber satisfaction studies
  • Beta Qualitative Evaluations (focus groups and interviews to supplement quantitative research)
  • Advertising, marketing communications and packaging evaluations
  • Employee engagement studies
  • Direct marketing studies
  • Attitude and usage studies
  • Product tracking studies
  • Product and placement studies
  • Segmentation studies

We leverage both traditional and online approaches to ensure that we connect with your customers and employees to capture their perceptions effectively and in a way that empowers you to take action.

B-to-B Case Studies: