The Beta Story

Jerry Kossoff was fascinated by the way people think. He had a passion for understanding what moved a person to purchase one product over another and to respond to one advertisement while completely ignoring a similar one. He built that passion into a flourishing career in market research, working first with TWA and subsequently with Oxtoby-Smith research. But working for someone else’s organization – no matter how prestigious – was not enough for Jerry. He envisioned a full service market research company accessible to businesses of all sizes, with plenty of hands-on attention, mastery of multiple methodologies and a commitment to providing findings with sound, practical implications. He also envisioned sharing his excitement about exploration and discovery with colleagues and clients alike in an atmosphere of close collegiality and fun.

Beta started a new chapter in 2003 when Jason Gorelkin assumed day-to-day responsibility for firm management. Jason added new technologies and methodologies to the Beta repertoire, bringing the firm into the digital age. He also oversaw development of our new headquarters, including a state-of-the-art focus group facility.

Sadly, Jason passed away suddenly in August 2019. After his passing, Amy Kossoff-Gorelkin – Jerry’s daughter and Jason’s wife – immediately took over the day-to-day responsibilities of managing the company. With Amy literally growing-up in the industry, there is no one more qualified for this position.  

The pandemic has resulted in numerous changes in the methods used to conduct market research; and the industry, as a whole, has adapted practices to meet these challenges. Amy’s main priority during this time, is to make sure Beta Research has the right tools and support needed to meet their clients research needs. And, going forward, to continue to grow and evolve into the company that clients look to for reliable information. We are proud to be the stewards of Jerry’s vision. 

How can our vision help you achieve yours?