Jason Gorelkin, In Memoriam, Chief Operating Officer

In August 2019, Beta Research suffered the tragic and unexpected loss of Jason Gorelkin. He was a dynamic and visionary leader who will be sorely missed.

As COO, Jason is responsible for pushing things forward on all fronts. He likes to ensure that Beta is consistently delivering the latest and greatest for its clients, whether that means developing better sample controls, implementing a fresh methodology or rolling out the latest technology.

Jason helps the Beta team remain aware of the big picture, even as they deliver highly detailed work for clients. Following the Beta tradition, his management style is energetic and focused on rapid turnaround of results that clients can use in strategic decision-making.

Soon after joining Beta in 1996, Jason began to develop the firm’s online research capabilities, an area in which he is still deeply involved. His previous experience includes working as an Industrial Engineer for UPS’s Overnight Transportation Company.

Jason Gorelkin

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