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Syosset, New York, March 15, 2017 – Beta Research Corporation, a certified woman owned, full-service provider of custom market research, released its white paper today that focuses on the medical cannabis consumer. The white paper, in its entirety, is available to download at The information highlighted in the white paper is based on Beta Research’s Cannabis User Research Evaluation (CURE) Study, the industry’s most comprehensive syndicated study of the U.S. cannabis consumer.

While the study covers both recreational and medical use, for the purposes of the white paper, Beta Research focused on the medical cannabis consumer ― the health conditions they suffer from, how they treat these conditions and if they use cannabis to alleviate symptoms associated with their health conditions. For many, cannabis has quickly become an integral part of their daily medicating regimen supplementing their traditional treatment options.

Besides covering detailed information on cannabis usage from a healthcare perspective, the CURE Study also provides unique insight into the personal lives of these consumers that can aid in understanding their motivations, and ultimately provide a guide to better marketing practices for sellers and distributors. The CURE Study also explores cannabis strain preference, frequency of use and spending data, the accessory market, leisure and social activities, industry-related media preferences and general demographics.

Amy Gorelkin, CEO of Beta Research stated, “The findings from our CURE Study clearly indicate medical cannabis consumption is frequent, and spending on the product itself, as well as accessories, is significant among users. For many, it is their preferred medication and/or treatment for their relief.” Amy also added, “A quick look into the first CURE Study identifies a well-educated and upscale medical cannabis user. They are culturally, socially and technologically in-the-know. In other words, the perfect target audience that marketers are desperately trying to reach.”

About Beta Research Corporation
For over forty-seven years, Beta Research Corporation has assisted consumer goods manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, media companies, direct marketers and advertising agencies, obtain information and insights needed to make smarter decisions, reach more customers and build up their bottom lines.

Beta Research uses a range of methodologies – quantitative and qualitative, traditional and cutting edge – to help businesses function more effectively and gain a competitive edge. With the right information, Beta Research aids its clients make critical decisions that attract customers and enhance their profits. Studies include concept, branding, packaging, product, attitude and usage, advertising, tracking, panel development and syndicated.

Beta Research is the parent company of Erdos & Morgan. Erdos & Morgan is a full service media market research company that provides syndicated and custom market research.

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