Beta Research Releases Comprehensive Cannabis Study

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Syosset, New York, January 19, 2017 – Beta Research Corporation, a certified woman owned, full-service provider of custom market research, released today its Cannabis User Research Evaluation (CURE) Study, the industry’s most comprehensive syndicated study of the U.S. cannabis consumer.

The study evaluates a number of different areas of the cannabis industry: medicinal vs. recreational usage, frequency/type of consumption, accessory categories, spending habits, industry-related media usage, and leisure and social activities.

The CURE Study also focuses on two types of U.S. cannabis households based on state legality ― medicinal and recreational states and medicinal only states, as well as providing a snapshot of the potential cannabis user in states where cannabis has yet to be legalized.

Amy Gorelkin, CEO of Beta Research stated, “The findings from our CURE Study clearly indicate that there is a high potential for upselling and growth in all Cannabis markets.” Amy also added, “The study reports that the profile of the cannabis user has evolved a great deal over the years to include more upscale individuals who are highly active in social life, charity, culture, travel and purchasing luxury and tech items. These individuals are exceedingly important to companies today because they have the purchase power advertisers are seeking and wish to reach.”

About Beta Research Corporation
For over forty-six years, Beta Research Corporation has assisted consumer goods manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, media companies, direct marketers and advertising agencies, obtain information and insights needed to make smarter decisions, reach more customers and build up their bottom lines.

Beta Research uses a range of methodologies – quantitative and qualitative, traditional and cutting edge – to help businesses function more effectively and gain a competitive edge. With the right information, Beta Research aids its clients make critical decisions that attract customers and enhance their profits. Studies include concept, branding, packaging, product, attitude and usage, advertising, tracking, panel development and syndicated.

Beta Research is the parent company of Erdos & Morgan. Erdos & Morgan is a full service media market research company that provides syndicated and custom market research.

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